Stock video sales 4 months case study.

Stats so far. Black box and Getty.

For those that don’t know, Blackbox Global and Getty images are platforms where you can upload high-quality video content for commercial sale.

I joined Black box and Getty at the same time, around Dec 2021. Using the same content, I wanted to see what the results would be by going direct with an established company like Getty, which has its own set of stock library affiliates, versus using a brokerage company like Black Box, which distributes to 4 big agencies, including iStock, AdobeStock and Shutterstock. I was told that there were pros and cons for both choices.

Getty Images Pros, Cons

  • Keyword correction, suggestion
  • Accepts shorter videos
  • Provides stats on views and interactions
  • Easy to see what is working or nearly working
  • Also allows photography and vectors

Blackbox Global Pros, Cons

  • Allows slang and custom keywords, phrases
  • Distributes to 4 agencies
  • No stats except for sales
  • Workload and income can be shared with other people.

The statistics so far.

With about 200 videos uploaded, Getty is selling about 20 clips a month for about $40 US total..mainly lower-end sales with their unlimited packages. Blackbox Global is selling about 1-2 clips a month on average at $25 US. I’m finding the shots with people highly outdo any landscape or local, regional pictures that barely see any views. I mainly use myself or my family as models.
I am concentrating my efforts more on quality over quantity with real people. The newer shots are gaining momentum over the older ones, so that seems to be a good strategy.

The maths and the income for stock video

So doing the maths, I’m making about $65 a month with 400 uploads or 16 cents per clip per clip.
Each (shoot, edit, grade, upload. meta) takes me about 30 minutes, so that’s 32 cents per hour per clip per month or $3.84 per year per clip.
For a conservative guess at a five-year life of a clip, that equals $19.20US per 5 years per clip.
I’m thinking of the income more as superannuation than cash flow, but I enjoy the process and get to capture memories, fill in quiet days and build up a new skill base. 
Video stock library - Sunshine Coast videographer

The importance of Meta tagging your videos

You require meta-tagging and, ideally, some organic backlinks and referrals to find any online content.
But without the initial meta tags, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to find you.

For my stock images and video, I spend as much time meta-tagging and researching the market as I do setting up and editing my video shoots. If I can’t find my video on page one of the searches, I consider the video shoot unsuccessful.

I use the same approach to content on my client websites and SEO.

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