50th Birthday Poster

AI, face replacement and Photoshop

For Bridget’s 50th birthday bash, a run-of-the-mill party poster simply wouldn’t do. She wanted a blend of vintage charm with a twist of Alice in Wonderland’s whimsy—a nod to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. The colour scheme had to be just so, with a dash of the extraordinary. And the hat? Non-negotiable. It had to be there, front and center.

Armed with an original photo of Bridget, I embarked on a digital crafting journey with Midjourney’s AI at my side.

The brief: Bridget’s features seamlessly weaved into an AI-generated world of vintage art.

It was more than just a cut-and-paste job. Using a face replace plug-in, I guided the AI to blend her features with the stylised world we were conjuring up—a delicate process where Bridget’s essence was to be preserved in a wonderland setting.

Poster design

AI generation for a Vintage world plus a portrait

I used Midjourney AI combined with the reference to the vintage invites already created in Canva and added a new take on the theme. ‘Down the rabbit hole’ to see what sort of composition it would throw me. A number of compositions stood out but Bridget liked the idea of the face looking out of the hole.

The AI-generated composition, fuelled by style of the invite and some creative prompt engineering, spun out a background that perfectly captured the essence of a vintage, Wonderland-themed party.

From there, it was all about getting Bridget’s face into the design with just right with the hat, ensuring it looked like it belonged in this madcap tea party.

A second image was created with this in mind for use as the centrepiece of the poster – A blonde woman with a top hat. Once we had the right-looking image I used a plug-in to capture the dimensions of Bridget’s face for face replacement. This does a pretty good job, but for more control we bring the image into Photoshop.

Photoshop for blending the two images

In Photoshop, I upped the ante, finessing the details and honing the elements—shadows here, highlights there—until it was a seamless fusion of reality and fantasy. Photoshop has all of the traditional editing tools but more lately comes with AI generation to help blend in the two images, especially where the 2 pieces meet.

Texture was added to the center image and filters are pushed to blend the 2 layers together.

Illustrator for typography

Illustrator came into play for the finishing touches—the typography. It wasn’t about being formal; it was about being inviting, about matching the playful yet vintage tone of the poster.

The final piece? A testament to technology, creativity, and personal touch. It’s not just a guidepost to the festivities; it’s a celebration of Bridget’s story, her loves, her life, and her adventures. It’s a welcoming gateway to a wonderland that Bridget, in her fifty fantastic years, has helped shape—a uniquely personal, quirky, and utterly unforgettable entry to her birthday celebration.

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