With a Bachelor of illustration and 20 years as a working graphic designer, you can be confident of finding a solution to your illustration requirements. I don’t have a bias in style but see myself more as a technical chameleon. With a diverse set of skills in Photoshop, traditional and Adobe Illustrator I can choose the appropriate style to suit your needs and budget. Some common styles I use are vector, airbrush, inking, sketch and trace and 3D rendering. Combined with stock imagery and traditional painting their is virtually no limit to what can be achieved. See below for a sample of recent work.

stufly – music album 1 artwork. Concept and design. Photoshop illustration based on an image of the artist’s face. The idea is based on a butterfly painting that 2 ideas become one in a collaboration of music. View website

stufly – music album 2 artwork. Concept and design of graphics using Photoshop. Website design and social marketing including Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Based on the vibrant colours of the first album and artwork. The idea is to convey the fresh and modern sound of the music with a loose representation of digital eq. View website

2 original paintings to sit side by side. Acrylics 1 sqm each. ‘Itchy Bear’ and ‘Whirly Pool’. The first painting was based on a canvas photocopy I found in a gallery. I tweaked the last stages to make it more dynamic with random splashes of paint. The second painting was lossely based on painting one to match the feel.

New Years Eve Poster – Millfest 2,000 – Based on the Millennium bug theme – I was given an open brief for this country event. With a $2,000 budget I made this ideas from scratch in 3D and then finessed in Photoshop.

This is a personal piece of art that was loosely copied from an artwork we liked. I’m not sure how the original artist did it but I used a mixture of acrylics and chalk crayons.

Chunky Custard CD – My second project after graduating. A cover band wanted an illustration to go with their album titled ‘You’re Soaking in it’. The was made in a 3D program and then Photoshop.

Inking  – A practical application for this style on a facebook banner for one of my clients.

This is a loose style but editable. I draw in pencil, scan and trace with a brush tool in illustrator. I use the blob tool to do loose fills on a separate layer. This makes this type of illustration easy, fairly fast and fine to edit.

Inking  – Showing 2 steps that follow from the led pencil sketch stage.

Retouching experiment  – A personal project using opposite techniques and effects. Left and right I generate an older and a younger version of this wedding photo.

Dairy Farmers  – Brochure image. Product shots combined with their standard hills image background.

Inking  – Hand drawn using traditional marker pens. Scanned and traced in Illustrator. Fills are dropped in on the computer. This idea for done for an Award School print ad concept.

Airbrush  – Using the old fashioned air brush…a project from my University days just to show a bit of diversity and more organic style.

Blended Illustrator  – Complex images and gradients straight out of Illustrator. The hand was rendered using Poser and integrated in Photoshop. For full website visit.

First day of school
Sylk Personal Lubricant – Ads and web banners
Logo and illustration work
Book design – Mary Lyons – A Beautiful Unfolding
Back to Earth Mulching
Armchair Property Investments
Logo design method – Jack and Knife
Logo design – Slight Edge
Animation – ebook promotion
Valentines Poster
Flower retouching
Unique DJs
Extreme nouns – Brainstorming ebook
Promotion DL brochure
Retouching staff photo
T-shirt design – Chemo patient
Poster design – party
Competition poster
Cancer – Book cover
Cartoon sketch
Retouching for Dairy Farmers
Inking style illustration
Teaching kids – logo
Facebook banner
Lamb brochure holder
Stufly – website
Face retouching
Novel – Book cover

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