Retouching experiment  РA personal project using opposite techniques and effects. Left and right I generate an older and a younger version of this wedding photo.

Gas tank perspective/background combined with new product shot. Both images have qualities the client likes – The perspective and garden from an old photo and the current model (piping, grill) from the other. Supplied digital artwork was also added in place of shiny stickers.

1 of 130 – Sometimes a few filters will do. One of my clients was in the process of creating a coffee table book from a backlog of her folio. Her photos were great but she lacked the advanced skills to bring them to full potential. Basic enhancements like this make a real difference but may only take a few selective filters/masks and 10-15 minutes. Since the client also owned Photoshop and had an interest in the process, I provided the files with layers. This enabled her to see exactly what was done at each stage. It’s worth noting that I do offer training in many of the leading design programs including Photoshop.

Dairy Farmers  РBrochure image. Product shots combined with their standard hills image background.

First day of school
Sylk Personal Lubricant – Ads and web banners
Logo and illustration work
Book design – Mary Lyons – A Beautiful Unfolding
Back to Earth Mulching
Armchair Property Investments
Logo design method – Jack and Knife
Logo design – Slight Edge
Animation – ebook promotion
Valentines Poster
Video editing
Flower retouching
Unique DJs
Extreme nouns – Brainstorming ebook
Promotion DL brochure
Retouching staff photo
T-shirt design – Chemo patient
Poster design – party
Competition poster
Cancer – Book cover
Cartoon sketch
Retouching for Dairy Farmers
Inking style illustration
Teaching kids – logo
Facebook banner
Lamb brochure holder
Stufly – website
Face retouching
Novel – Book cover

Nurture Parenting¬† – Photoshoot for Baby massage ibook. ‘Baby Massage -the magic of touch’

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