Abstract paintings.

With a BA in Illustration my first passion is original artwork.

Abstract Artist Sunshine Coast

Dancing Stars – Sold – $1,400

Abstract painting commissioned for living area. The brief was to have a fresh use of blues and yellows as a base with splats of colour including white and other bright colours. Size was approx 1800 mm X 600 mm.

Acrylic canvas painting - Sunny Coast artist

Horsey – Sale Price – $2,500

Abstract painting currently featuring in my home studio. Size is 1200 mm X 900 mm. This piece is highly textured with multiple layers. Mainly acrylics but with some introduction of oil paint. Rollers, Pallet Knife, Dry Brushing, Sprays and Splats.

Commissioned Acrylic canvas painting - Sunshine Coast artist
Acrylic canvas paintings - Sunshine Coast artist

Left – Itchy Bear – $1,600 or the pair for $3,000

Commissioned by my wife for our lounge room. This painting was based on a canvas print. The brief was to imitate the look and feel of the photocopied artwork found in a picture framing gallery and bring it to life with real paint. The cost of materials was about $200 and the time taken to complete the piece spanned a week with about 4 layers of paint.

These painting are currently in my house but are also available for sale – $1,600 each.

Right – Whirly Pool – $1,600

These painting work as a part of a pair. The look and feel is based on the previous painting, but this time the work is more intuitive with a more original composition, colour pallet and shapes. The same style is used which included heavy use of pallet knives, splats, dripping, acrylic mediums, spays and some dry brushing. Both pieces are finished off with satin varnish. The size of each painting is 1 metre square.

These painting are currenly in my house but are also available for sale – $1,600 each or $3,000 for the pair.

Acrylics - canvas painting - Sunshine Coast artist
Acrylic canvas painting - Sunshine Coast artist

Made to order

Colours and canvas sizes are made to order to match your room and taste. As seen on the far right I can emulate the style, composition or colours of an artist or print that you already like with the added bonus of texture and vibrant paint rather than a dulled down photocopied canvas.

Sunshine Coast Acrylic painter - mixed media
Acrylic painter Sunshine Coast - Painting in studio
Music artwork design (Photoshop and illustration) - Sunshine Coast
stufly – music album 1 artwork. Concept and design. Photoshop illustration based on an image of the artist’s face. The idea is based on a butterfly painting that 2 ideas become one in a collaboration of music. View website
Music artwork design (Photoshop and illustration) - Sunshine Coast
stufly – music album 2 artwork. Concept and design of graphics using Photoshop. Website design and social marketing including Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Based on the vibrant colours of the first album and artwork. The idea is to convey the fresh and modern sound of the music with a loose representation of digital eq. View website

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