High-quality graphic design and business solutions without agency overheads. Your one-stop WordPress Web Designer and Graphic Designer with one-to-one attention to detail.

Services include Branding and Logo Design, Photoshop, Digital Illustration combined with AI-generated Illustration, Divi WordPress (Design, Hosting, SEO), Social Media banners, Print Management, and Book Design.

I also work for the larger stock agencies with a regular supply of AI images, animations and videos for purchase.

Ready to grow your business on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane? Call me to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 0414 505 393

History of me:

Stuart Flynn – BA Design Illustration, Award School

Over the last 27 years, I’ve worked in agencies and studios in Adelaide, Sydney and now running my own business as Sunshine Design on the Sunshine Coast.

Stuart Flynn Graphic designer Sunshine Coast

Brand manager and senior graphic designer – Sydney – 2008 -2013

While in Sydney, I was the brand manager and senior studio designer for many national accounts at BMF – Agency of the decade. For eight years, I learned from some of the world’s top creative directors and art directors. Some of the familiar brands I have been privileged to work on are listed below;

Clients and brands

XXXX Gold, Commonwealth Bank, Renault (Brand Manager), Foxtel, Aldi, McDonald’s, Toohey’s Extra Dry, MBF (Brand Manager), Adelaide Fringe Festival, BPay, The Smith Family, Dominos, Elle Bache, Ikea, Weight Watchers, Rheem.

Changing hats in my career as a designer

Other diverse roles in my career include – a freelance illustrator and art director for a print broker in Adelaide, eight months at TVSN in TV graphics on the Photoshop animation team, and even a stint at New Idea Magazine.

Success in my book sales and marketing project  – Extreme nouns
(Sales / SEO case study)

Among my proudest achievements is my brainstorming ebookExtreme nouns, which has sold hundreds of copies worldwide in the first 3 years with a margin of $8000 of passive income. The popularity of the book continues to grow year by year by combining original content with marketing strategy, web design and SEO analysis. My SEO on the updated website continues to grow exponentially, with number one ranking in the US for many of my target key phrases such as Wet things. Other page examples are here. Scary things, Evil things. These are steadily climbing up the rankings since the website’s SEO is enhanced in late 2021.

To purchase this book or check out a few pages for free, see some of my Lists of nouns here.

Award School

In 2008 I completed Award School Sydney. This course teaches advertising and strategy and is run by Australia’s top advertising top working Art Directors and Copywriters. Projects included writing and storyboarding for TV, radio, and print advertisements. 

Let’s talk about your next branding or
web design project.

I love talking about branding, web design, SEO, advertising, meeting new people, and learning about other businesses. So please book an appointment to see me at my new office in Mountain Creek.

For a no-obligation chat about your next online or print project, phone me – Stu Flynn on 0414 505 393

Graphic designer - web designer - Sunshine Coast studio

Graphic design for small business

I take the time to understand your business and your competition, starting with a good brief from you, plus a discussion about the goals for your business.

What we discuss before starting a design project

  • What would you want to achieve through your advertising?
  • What is it about your competition that is, isn’t working?
  • Your niche – In what ways is your business unique in your industry?
  • Have you tried any strategies to date, and how successful have they been?
  • How are people likely to discover your business (word of mouth, website, social)?

The end goal of graphic design and advertising

The aim is to get your business in front of as many relevant customers as possible. So we need to uncover your strengths and market them. By starting this process and following through with great graphic design and communication, I help you get the most out of your advertising and design budget. And instead of just giving you what you want, I’ll also deliver what you need. I achieve this by understanding the big picture stuff and setting off in the right direction.

Your brand strategy

Before diving straight into website design, logo or advertising flyer, we need to discover and define your business. And the way I approach this is by uncovering a unique single-minded proposition. That is to say, what is it about the company that will give you an edge over your competition? For example, this may be like ‘The biggest burger’ or ‘WordPress design with page one ranking’ or ‘Physio who combines Asian Qi Gong’.

The graphics may look nice without establishing a clear brand identity and strategy, but the design communication is most likely missing.

So if you want more relevance, more engagement, and ultimately a higher market share, it’s best to take some time and talk to an expert graphic designer or web designer before getting too deep into your advertising communication. 

Cancer brought me to the Coast

Back in 2008, I was a senior designer in Australia’s leading Advertising Agency (BMF). I’d also just graduated from (Award School Sydney), where aspiring Art Directors and Copywriters honed their skills. My goal was to move from studio design and artwork in the graphic design team to TV, radio and Art Direction within my company. But just as I was potentially entering a new chapter in my career, I was diagnosed with acute Lymphoma. I was in and out of the hospital for three years, undergoing chemo and eventually a stem cell transplant and needed two more years of ongoing follow-ups.

Midjourney AI generated ominous image

Treatment caused severe fatigue which prevented me from working full-time. My wife and I had just started a family, and space in our small Sydney apartment was running out. I decided to slow down by working part-time which eventually led me to relocate to a more relaxed environment and flexible hours.

These days I run my own business on the coast. I’ve been here for eight years, working as a website designer, high-end logo and brand designer, digital illustrator and AI prompt engineer. 

I look after myself with healthy eating, exercise, and a coastal lifestyle. The neighbours are great, and the community is very welcoming. And yes, I’m fully recovered and 100% back to full fitness. I even have a website and a book about my experience if you’re interested. It’s called ‘The Grey Zone, with a free download on iBooks.

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Sunshine Design

Elevate your visual communications to the next level with Sunshine Design, the premier authority on AI-assisted illustration and graphic design on the Sunshine Coast. Our creative hub seamlessly combines the human touch of design with the cutting-edge precision of advanced AI tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT-4. Coupled with the rigorous checks of Grammarly Premium, we ensure flawlessly crafted visual narratives that bring your story to life. With exclusive access to state-of-the-art technology through Futuretools, we’re not just riding the wave of the future – we’re creating it. Experience the transformative magic of design, where art meets algorithm for extraordinary outcomes.

Poster design

Web design – Content is king

Have you ever heard this term from your web designer?

If so, it’s for a good reason. Relevant and engaging content will significantly affect the user experience and the retention of online traffic. Above all, your potential customers need to enjoy their experience on your site.

There are a lot of tips to improve your content, and I’m not going to mention them all. But first of all, I use a bunch of plugins and apps to get the most out of my copywriting. These include Grammarly for general grammar and spelling and Yoast for on-site content analytics. Secondly, I recommend breaking up your content into bite-size pieces. For example, it’s vital to use headings (H1 and H2) in particular to navigate the site and keep paragraphs small and easy to digest. 

But for more detailed advice on engaging your audience and improving your content, phone for a free graphic design consultation.

Thousands of website visits a year and growing

Business in the digital world

I specialise in digital design. But apart from that, I’m also a business owner with multiple websites and social media platforms working in that background, marketing my business. At the same time, I get on with the creative work. So for my business to flourish, I am constantly improving and implementing strategies for maintaining, improving and growing my online presence weekly.

Website SEO equals phone calls.

By leveraging the latest technology, user experience design, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices, I’ve consistently increased web traffic and client retention. Through online courses and collaboration with business peers, I’ve developed a proven SEO system using several key tools.

For early search traffic insights, I use ‘Google Search Console’ and SEO ranking tools that help analyse backlinks, monitor competition, and conduct detailed website audits, with statistics tracked over time.

Front-end optimisation is achieved using the WordPress plugin Yoast, while chat gpt helps hone copy and grammar. Back-end analytics are managed with SE Ranking, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

This approach has resulted in 5,000 web visits per year, growing at 25% annually. Proven SEO practices and design optimization keep visitors engaged longer, translating into phone calls and new business daily. I have case studies of existing clients and my own success that clearly show high rankings over time.

If you’d like to achieve the same results for your business, give me a call at

0414 505 393

Two types of graphic design clients in Australia

Marketing Companies that outsource

I work with two types of graphic design clients. The first group consists of small marketing companies that outsource specialised skills such as graphic design, animation, and illustration. Collaborating with marketing companies is particularly rewarding because we share a common language and understanding of the work logistics. This synergy allows me to add significant value to their businesses.

Graphic design and branding for small business

Secondly, I specialise in helping smaller local businesses with start-up branding design, social media, and WordPress development. I find immense satisfaction in developing a business brand from the ground up, working one-on-one with local business owners. This hands-on approach allows me to showcase emerging technologies like AI and provide modern design, communication, advertising, and branding advice. Together, we can elevate your business profile to new heights

So if you have an idea you’d like turned into reality please phone for a free chat.
Stuart Flynn: 0414 505 393.

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