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logo animation Sunshine Coast

Steps – branding process

  1. Research your target audience and your competitors.
  2. Pick your niche focus and personality.
  3. Settle on your business name and tagline if applicable
  4. Work out the scope of the brand assets. ie. Stationary, website, social media, signatures.
  5. Choose the look of your brand (colours, fonts, images, illustrations, icons).
  6. Design your brand logo and style sheet
  7. Apply your branding across your business.

The logo mark

“A logo is an identification, not communication”.

Look at most of the famous logo marks globally and try to reverse engineer them. In isolation, the logos don’t mean much apart from evoking a feeling or emotion about the product or company. It’s only when combined with copy, branding and marketing that the combination of logo and branding will it tell the whole story.

Logo and branding sketch ideas
Business fitness logomark - Sunshine Coast

Make sure your business is easy to recognise with a logo design or logo mark that captures the essence of your business and personality.

I designed a logo mark for Business Fitness – accounting software—a modern company evolving from a paper-based industry to cloud technology.

Illustrated logo design for farming business in Noosa

Logo design workflow breakdown

Branding and logos design starts with a great brief. Sketches are a quick way to start the design process off, either by the client or the designer. Once the client is happy with the general direction, more time is spent on honing ideas and eventually producing computer art. Below is an example of a client sketch turned into an illustrative logo.

Bull illustration in progress for Noosa logo

Steps in the branding process

  1. Sketches
  2. Font options
  3. Colour psychology (covered in branding)
  4. Rough ideas on paper for icons and logo lockups
  5. Feedback
  6. Computer drafts of best ideas
  7. Amendments based on feedback
  8. Honing of the best ideas
  9. Output to various formats
  10. Style sheet /guide for brand assets

Logo ideas in progress by using AI

Below are some of the unwanted ideas that were generated for a recent project for a Youtube channel (Pouring your heart out). AI is an excellent tool for trying and combining new ideas for logo projects. These were good enough to be sold on stock libraries. Find them easily on Adobe Stock for purchase.

AI illustration - Pouring your heart out solutions using blending and prompt engineering. Stock image assets for passive income.

The design brief

There are a few steps that I like to use when beginning the logo and branding process. It’s essential to get a big picture of what the client is trying to achieve, make sure the business name and tagline will communicate well, and then start brainstorming ways to develop a logo and brand that’s visually appealing and relevant to the personality of the business. In isolation, the logo mark doesn’t need to be literal communication but should be a balance between distinctive (unique) and simple (in its most basic form). Simple yet distinctive design gets more challenging as more logos flood the market.

Paediatrician logo Sunshine Coast Graphic Designer

What is branding or brand design?

Compared to just a logo mark and font lock-up, branding is the bigger picture of how the business is viewed across a variety of platforms.

Branding can be about font choices, style guidelines, stock image and, illustration style, supporting brand elements and even sound and texture.

When a business is properly branded, everything in the business fits. This can be from the email signature through to Word Document templates, social media and website look and feel.

Divi Builder - Sunshine Coast / Brisbane web designer

Branded elements can include

  • Email signature
  • Mailchimp EDMs
  • Templates
  • Website
  • Car detailing
  • Packaging
  • Style guides
  • Apparel
  • Favicons
  • Social media banners
Picnic Place - Sunshine Coast business card design - promoting quality picnic products and secret locations

Free consult on your next logo and branding project.

I love talking about graphic design, logo design and branding, so for a no-obligation chat about the latest advertising and design solutions, call me, Stuart Flynn on 0414505393. See below for even more examples of my recent branding and logo projects.


KarmanLine – Marketing company logo

Karman Line (the sky isn’t the limit – it’s the start) – the point in the atmosphere (100km) where regular flight in no longer possible and rockets needed to be invented to propel up and beyond. This consulting business is about training you for a paradigm shift.

marketing company logo designer
marketing logo design - Sunshine Coast
Building logo (Brick and Block) - Sunshine Coast
logo design and illustration

Illustrative logo design

Lizard’s Concrete Pumping branding needed to tie in with the owner’s nickname ‘Lizard’. The brief was specific. It needed to include an illustration that was similar enough to an old reference but combined with a likeness of Keith. The primary usage was truck branding and a large sign for the industrial building. I also developed more illustrations that show the lizard driving trucks from their fleet. There are two versions of this logo for both types of trucks in the fleet. The next stage was to create a website for Lizards. View website

Concrete Pumping - Caloundra - logos and illustrations

Honing ideas into logos

Mantle Marketing Sydney – logo design concepts to finished art

Mantle – Definition. The mantle is the part of the earth that lies under the crust. It is the largest layer and is solid but flexible. This is an analogy similar to the values of Mantle Marketing. The logo design and brand needed to be corporate, conservative and reflect the values and culture of the business. The sheet shows a typical process of logo development after the logo sketches stage. Computer ideas through to colour selections.

Developing logo ideas

Jack and Knife – restaurant logo and branding design

Jack and Knife – A restaurant in Darlinghurst Sydney. The branding was developed over several weeks of concepts which showed a variety of styles.

The final design is shown here. This logo was used for large format printing on the restaurant walls as well as the restaurant’s website, business cards, postcards and stationery.

Restaurant logo - Sunshine Coast branding

Self explanatory logos

unique djs - logo - DJ logo - Sunshine Coast graphic designer
Johnny Jukebox - Logos Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast
Style guide for logos and branding - Sunshine Coast graphic designer

Graphic designer – my own brand style guide

Example of a premium brand design package

This is an example of what you get when you ask for a premium brand and logo package.

I know to pay particular attention to my own logo design branding. This ensures that all of my collateral ties in together for a coherent look and feel.

It also gives a sense of what can be achieved by my clients. For a deeper look into my own brand development see my logo and branding stylesheets blog.

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