SEO Case study in progress

5 weeks in from a 6 month SEO strategy on a Surveying business – Sunshine Coast

Surveyors Co is a local surveying company based in the Sunshine Coast. They are established as a company but have recently rebranded, so their new website is relatively new. They operate locally as well as in Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast. The total package for SEO on this project is $5,000, which includes blocks of 2 hours for 25 weeks duration.

The reporting is done through a subscription with SE Ranking. The tool allows you to see where is room for improvement, and marketing suggestions, including backlink ideas, key phrase tracking and comparison to your competitor websites.

Below is an example of how I would typically report back to the client with the progress of each block of time. I also follow up with phone calls and emails.

This sort of reporting provides accountability for my actions, and the results can be seen over time.

SEO for surveying company Case study - 5 weeks

Stage 7

Brisbane project page

A new sub-page for Brisbane has been added, with an email sent to Tony for approval or editing of content. I’ve added content on Terrestrial scanning which is generic and related to the project but beefs up the wording.


The ranking are on their way up, but at the end of 6 months or stage 25 of my 2-hour slots, I aim to get the content score up to a green, or at least 70 out of 100, which is where we expect to see a high ranking in these areas. I will need your help to give me more related content for these key terms.

Stage 6 – with the Team page

I’ve added H2 tags on the disciplines to improve SEO for those key terms.

Toowoomba project page

A new sub-page for Toowoomba has been added with internal linking from other pages.


Stage 5 – Add backlinks

Find suitable backlinks from directories and other websites with high domain authority to give more domain trust to this relatively new site from search engines. The suggested list on the right has been actioned, as well as adding you to my high-ranking SEO website.

Ranking Progress as at 27/4

Stage 4 – Separate out the client pool page and added a more applicable, comical aerial image of men in suits near a pool.

I suggest losing the client logos image. They are hard to read, and SEO should have the words instead to find the content. New content, title and description added. This can still be padded with more images, banners and projects. This image I’ve used is generated by AI and is an aerial shot of businessmen in suits looking over a pool. I thought this is a bit more quirky and relevant to your industry.

Client Pool. Surveyors, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast

Stage 3

Suggestions of what you can do in the background to help me in the short term.

  • Get some reviews on your Google page (friends, family, and clients is fine) and then forward them to me to copy onto your website.
  • Provide me with your Google business page login so I can make sure that is optimised.
  • Supply some region-specific projects and photos, plus a rundown of what you did on those so they can be used on region-specific pages.
  • Provide me with some other businesses you would like to compete with on ranking for the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba so I can put them side by side on your reports. 3-4.
  • Add your business name and website to any relevant directories you are a member of, or provide those details so I can look into the process.

The about page is separated and padded out with new content, title and description.

Search console

I’ve added Search Console to Google, which speeds up page indexing for new pages. I’ve also added a sitemap plug in which does a similar thing and let google know about updates and status of page structure as the site gets more complex.

Week 3 stats

Seeing improvement in the right direction so far in general

The only search that is not moving up so far is Toowoomba. We need to focus on content or project for that region.

Week 2 – New contact page and improve SEO on the existing home page for 3 key cities.


Get the Google ranking more prominent.

The easiest thing to do is to get some reviews. I’ve also linked the Google page to your site on a new contact page. This is a good way of cementing a relationship with Google.

I’ve separated the home page from the contact page to include a new contact page. Separating pages and fleshing out with more info will allow more focus on keyword saturation for each page.

New contact page was created with a link to a Google map from your business page. This adds more cred to Google.

I’ve changed up a few words in the title and description to focus more on the 3 regions of Toowoomba, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, plus added a featured image with those tags. Yoast has indicated we are on the right track for the home page.

Week 1
Establish baseline statistics 6/4/23

Here are the baseline stats for the first week. These keywords are based on Tony’s suggestions and the app’s suggestions.

Overview – Plan of action

As mentioned a while ago. The first stage to improve SEO is to change from one page with hyperlinks to new pages with unique content, then optimise those pages with unique key phrases that best suit the content. Each page can also be fleshed out with new relevant content. I will start with the contact page with a link to the Google business page and go from there. Each page will have a unique title, description and associated tagged images.

Another thing we can do is find and use backlinks and reviews to bring more traffic to the site from other reputable sites and directories.

Another thing I will be doing is finding out what your completion is doing and how they are achieving any good results on specific key phrases.

Blogs are another way of creating new traffic. They are a good way of solidifying your business as a company of influence. They are also a good way of keeping your social followers in touch with what you are doing.

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