Full-service SEO ranking package – $5,400

(includes 50 hours of content and site management + 6 months of SE ranking tools)


Fifty hours comprised of SEO optimisation, blog images, content writing and Google listings + 6-month subscription to SE Ranking, which is used for the in-depth reporting of your key phrases for your region, traffic projections and comparison to competitor websites.

Reporting and analytics are done on a hidden page on your website. This allows for transparent access to your statistics and SEO strategy anytime.


Breakdown of SEO content optimised over that 50 hours.

  • Research keywords and competitor analysis
  • Install and configure the Yoast SEO plugin
  • Setup Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Optimize website speed and performance
  • Ensure the website is mobile-friendly
  • Optimize website meta titles and descriptions
  • Create, tweak or design one blog post per week
  • Create an internal linking strategy
  • Monitor and improve the website’s on-page SEO
  • Reach out to relevant websites and directories for link-building opportunities.
  • Optimize Google My Business page
  • Create and optimise landing pages for conversions
  • Utilize AI image generation in Midjourney for blog posts
  • Use AI-powered Grammarly to improve content quality
  • Regular reporting on significant improvements and suggestions of statistics to chosen key phrases
  • This is a general outline, and depending on the website’s niche, industry, and target audience, some strategies may work better than others. It is also important to note that SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and improvement.

SEO case studies using this tried and tested the method on multiple websites.

It’s hard to sell your ability in SEO unless you have real-world statistics to show what can be done. I’ve started documenting my achievements with case studies. Below is a link to some of my own and client’s case studies.

I’ve personally used this method to rank in the top 10 for all of these key terms below including number one in Photoshop. Click below to enlarge

top ten SEO ranking on the Sunshine Coast

By adding one content-rich blog I’ve been able to double my traffic to over 10,000 views per year.

Google analytics of traffic over 180 days

SE Ranking plus Yoast SEO for website optimisation

The first step before designing a website is determining what your audience is looking for.

In my case, ‘Graphic Designer Sunshine Coast‘ or ‘SEO Sunshine Coast’ obtain the most search traffic and cover a broad range of services. So for the primary home page, I use Graphic Designer as my focus keyphrase. Everything I do, including backlinks, headings and content, is focused on this term and related words. Note: every page should focus on one or two different phrases and content to match. In my case, for this page, I focus the content around SEO. Anything outside this topic will link to the relative page within my site structure.

As a first step, I use the Yoast plugin to edit the title and description to optimise what is shown on search engines.

Once I’m happy with the title and description,  I focus on relevant page content, including one H1 tag and multiple levels of H2, H3 tags etc. I also utilise my images by adding searchable alt tags that match the page they occupy.

Once the first draft of the provided content I use a premium AI Grammarly plugin to hone the grammar and spelling. This makes the page more user-friendly and can be tweaked to add a tone to your writing style. For example, friendly, professional, and passive.

Comparing yourself to your competition

For extensive honing of SEO, I use a premium subscription called ‘SE Ranking’ to compare and optimise each page’s SEO to a desired key phrase relevant to the content.

3 step blueprint for improving SEO

  1. Optimise your site – duplicate strategies from top-ranking websites within your niche – Search the term you want to rank in (Figure out what is already winning on existing sites. Do the same on-page optimisation or better than your competition – figure out what they are doing by analysing the H tags, Image Alt tags, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, keyword density and interlinking?)
  2. Build a brand – Social profiles, niche directories, EDMs, press releases. All of these things feed traffic to your site. If this seems too overwhelming to do yourself, then pay someone to do these things for you. At this point, it’s time to stop and see how you are ranking. I use ‘SE Ranking’ for breaking down areas of improvement.
  3. Build backlinks in the right way – If you have done steps 1 and 2, you may not need step 3. But if you are in a competitive industry, step 3 can help get you across the line. These are private blog networks, guest posts, social sharing services, media mentions and niche edits from industry peers.
SEO analytics for web designer Sunshine Coast

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