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Sunshine Design is primarily a design studio that specialises in WordPress Design however we understand that many people choose to create their own Wix website for ease of use, cost saving and in house content management.

This is fine to get the site up and running but there does tend to come a time when web experts are useful in tweaking design, functionality  and page ranking – Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

Typical Wix SEO questions.

‘I have a WIX website but now I can’t see it online‘ or
‘Can you get my WIX website on page one?’

Well short answer is yes! But the next question from us is ‘For what particular search term and what area?’ 

Whist there is no guarantee of a first page ranking against every competitor and every key word on every search engine and browser, there are definitely steps to move in the right direction over time. You need target your specific market, your specific local area and find key phrases that are unique to your niché. Below are tangible ways we help you improve your SEO.

Get a higher ranking with the top 11 tips for improving your SEO over time!

  • Wix SEO Wiz
    This a marketing tool within your WIX dashboard that can be populated with information about your site

  • Use long-tail keywords and phrases
    Be specific with the terms that people search for rather than using general terms

  • Choose the right domain
    A name that uses relevant key words is always a great start

  • Write unique titles & descriptions
    Find your niché in the industry

  • Make your website mobile friendly 
    Test on both desktop and mobile. Alter design functionality across each platform.

  • Submit a sitemap 
    This can be done via step 1

  • Go local SEO
    Use and optimise Google my business – Let me show you how

  • Structure your site 
    Make navigation and information easy to find

  • Describe your Images
    Search engines search words, not pixels so words need to be associated with your images

  • Write valuable content
    Content is king. Make your site relevant and interesting. Have someone edit or look over your site.

  • Get more backlinks
    Accumulate trusted links from other websites going into your sites. Business and directories. I have 5 of 6 great suggestions to get your started.

For a more detailed explanation on these steps… Tips to boost your WIX SEO.

As you can see there are a number of things that need to be in place to start to get your site moving up in ranking. Of course many of these things can be done by yourself, however for the research and implementation you’d be looking at two to three days and for someone that is not technically minded it may be quite frustrating, so if you’d like us to take care of all the heavy lifting we have a package that checks off everything on this list. It’s painless and only requires up to one hour consultation at the beginning of the process.

WIX SEO Checklist Package 1 – $500

• Phone or personal consult to discuss the top 10 key phrases that you want to attract.. Up to 1 hour
• 11 step process of optimising your organic search results for your website. Turnaround in 2 days.

To opt in or discuss further.

Call now: 0414 505 393
Email: [email protected]

Jack and Knife – Sydney Restaurant

I love website design. I get to combine lot of different design and software skills. While you’re here check out the rest of the folio to get a feel for some of the endless possibilities we can achieve with your website design.

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