Making money on Instagram as a graphic designer

You might try sharing work or advice, but many graphic designers can make Instagram work harder by converting their audience into paying customers.

So what does a graphic designer do to make money on Instagram? Instagram can be used in a variety of ways to get your artwork shared (and potentially picked up or purchased by other outlets), land new clients.

Below are a few tips that I’ve found to make the most of your Instagram presence—and increase your chances of making some money.

Your feed needs to be treated like your folio

Your Instagram feed is visible and public so it’s smart to treat it as an extension of your portfolio, making it both visually appealing and cohesive.

Write a Clear Graphic Designer Instagram Bio

Optimise your graphic design Instagram bio to get found. Your graphic designer Instagram bio should include your location, the type of work you do, and a call to action that leads people to click the link in your Instagram profile.

Many graphic designers will include a link to their portfolio, online shop, or tutorials.

Make the most of Hashtags captions 

Get discovered by your users, advertisers, and potential customers by using the right captions and hashtags.

Make a meaningful caption that encourages someone to take a specific action, or helps them to reflect on a takeaway that comes from your Instagram post or image.

Choose different hashtags based on your particular design style, or even hashtags that are tied to your location to cultivate a local following. Research and use trending hashtags related to design to increase your image’s visibility.

Occasionally include a call to action in your posts, which can be as simple as reminding people that your work is available for sale or asking them to contact you.

Branding on the Brain

Branding can be an elusive idea. But what it really means is posting images about different things, but using the same style in both aesthetics and writing. By doing this followers will understand who you are and what your illustration or graphic design is all about, even with a short attention span.

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