Project – SEO ranking for book sales

One of my side projects is a book that I wrote ten years ago. The book sales were excellent in the first three years through Facebook marketing. But when Facebook stopped allowing bulk message posts, sales dwindled. 

So this year, I decided to go down the SEO route. Instead of actively marketing my book to niche audiences, I would cast a wide net and get thousands of visitors to my site with some free content and innovative front-end SEO.

How to monitor SEO

SE Ranking is one of the leading SEO tools I use for client reporting and analysing the statistics on my websites. The software includes an excellent SEO competitor analysis, rank tracking, keyword collection suggestions, backlink monitoring, professional reporting, and much more. I can easily see where a business is tracking and where to tweak for improvements.

Here is a link to trial this software or let me do the reporting for you.

Number one ranking in the US after four months

By focusing on a page for every key phrase, I was able to go from position 37 to position 1 in 3 months for the search term ‘Wet things‘. Not only that but a snippet from my book shows up when you search that term. The traffic forecast for that page alone is 126 visitors a month. The following line down is even better. ‘Dry things‘ also ranks as number 1 and has 286 visitors a month. The aim is to get all of my search terms up to number one, especially the search terms that are most relevant and have the highest search traffic.

The end goal for this project

As you can see, the ‘Nouns lists‘ key phrase is heading up the rankings with a potential 14,000 searches a month. When I can get that on page one, my sales will skyrocket. The book I’m selling is all about ‘Nouns lists’, so because of the actual content matching the Keyphrase ranking, a number one ranking is a real goal. Writing this article in April 2022, after a growth of 100% views per month, I expect a page one listing by the end of the year on this and other search terms, if not sooner. I’d expect to see a 10% conversion to sales when that happens.

Doing the maths, 1,000 + views month times 10% conversion to sales times the cost of the book should produce a net profit of $1,000 – 2,000. Passive income depends on the price point of $10 -20 dollars.

Even in the worst-case scenario of 1% conversion, I still make $100 a month forever. The time to make this new website and SEO strategy only took 25 hours so far.

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SEO growth chart 3 months
SEO improvement in ranking to number one

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