Illustrated logo for farming business

Noosa Natural Farm – Yalanga Valley

A local farm in the Sunshine Coast wanted something unique for their business branding. They are a cattle farm and also have hundreds of macadamia trees on their property. The owner of the business wanted something specific but needed help with finessing his idea. The brief was to stick to the original design concept but to include more detail.

Illustrated logo design for farming business in Noosa

Original sketch from the client and the first draft

The following images show some progress from a supplied client sketch of a Brangus Bull, and then my first client draft which shows setting up a grid for visual balance and integrating the main elements based on photographic references. The final detailed illustration takes a while so I lock in the composition early in the job.

The illustration process – sketch to Wacom

I work on a light table to lock in my elements separately, using references and old school pencil and paper. I scan the sketches and turn them into vector linework. This illustration job required lots of masking and layers, so Adobe Illustrator is great for this. When the client needed amends on certain image parts, isolating that layer or mask for that element was relatively easy for reworking the illustration using a Wacom pen.

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