Illustrate ME!

Unleash your imagination
with personalised illustrations
using headshot photos

illustrate me. personalised illustrations using your face integrated into the ai themed image of your choice

To create your masterpiece, we require the following:


  • Quality Image: A clear, front-facing image of your face to showcase your facial features.
  • Character Traits: Description of the desired character type (e.g., Superman, nerd, 80s).
  • Contact Details: Email address and phone number for further communication and file delivery.
  • Deposit: A $50 deposit is required to start the project, with the remaining balance due upon delivery.

Optional (recommended for Premium package and above):

  • Quirks and Habits: Unique characteristics, quirks, or habits you want to highlight in the illustration.
  • Purpose of Illustration: Specify the intended use and end goal (e.g., fun birthday card, professional profile picture, quirky poster).
  • File Dimensions: Specify the preferred dimensions, such as portrait (9:16), landscape (16:9), banner (3:1), or other.
  • Style: If you have a specific style preference other than photorealism, please provide a style example you like.

Delux package Only:

  • Exact Dimensions: Specify the precise dimensions required for the final output.
  • Non-standard File Types: If you need file formats other than standard JPG.
  • Deadline: Specify if the project needs to be completed within three days.

These requirements ensure we create a personalised masterpiece that exceeds your expectations.

Basic package: Social media profile

  • You personalised social profile picture with your face in the place of a character of your choice – square format ($50) four concept options to choose from plus two iterations of your final image. Social media resolution jpg.

Premium Package: $150

  • Custom-sized artwork with extensive personalisation options, including format, style, actions, and props, in 2X higher resolution.

Deluxe Package: $300

  • Elaborate custom illustrations, available as gif animations or detailed renders for large format, resale and professional printing ($300).

Fun, Unique, and Remarkable Artwork Tailored for You!

Welcome to Illustrate Me, where creativity knows no bounds! Our mission is to bring your imagination to life through personalized artwork. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional illustration skills, we create visuals that represent your unique story and make you stand out from the crowd.

Key Benefits:

  • Unleash Your Imagination: Transform your ideas into captivating illustrations that will leave you amazed.
  • AI Technology: Experience seamless customization with AI integration, face replacement, and Photoshop expertise.
  • Traditional Artistry: We create art with a charming touch by combining traditional techniques with modern digital capabilities.
  • Standout Personalisation: Integrate your face into custom illustrations, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

    Why Choose ‘Illustrate Me’?

    • Fun and Unique Artwork: Let your personality shine through with personalized illustrations that make a lasting impression.
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: With AI integration and Photoshop expertise, stay ahead of the curve.
    • Unparalleled Attention to Detail: We ensure every aspect of your artwork exceeds your expectations from concept to delivery.
    • Dedicated Customer Service: Enjoy a seamless and collaborative experience as we bring your vision to life.

    Experience the magic of personalised artwork like never before. Contact us today to embark on your creative journey with Illustrate Me!

    Illustrate Me | Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

    face replacement in Midjourney

    Tough guy me with hair

    harry potter with face replacement

    Younger Harry Potter me

    superman with face replacement

    Super me

    Frequently asked questions

    Is this just an app? – No, the process uses AI image prompt engineering + facial recognition plugins + Photoshop + upsizing applications. A four-step process is overseen and coordinated by a qualified senior illustrator/designer.

    What is the turnaround? – Expect your initial concept in one business day and your final image in less than three days.

    Do I own the image? Yes, the initial concept has joint ownership with Sunshine Design and yourself. The final image is even more original and unique to you, to own with complete copyright to use as you please for resale or advertising purposes.

    What if I don’t like the image? We will use all means available to deliver to your expectations from the brief and photo/s supplied. If you don’t like the initial four concept ideas presented, we can do a second set of four concepts. If you don’t like the final artwork using your likeness, then we can use a second photo provided. Ideally, we have two or more images of you on file to integrate into the image. Any more than two versions of the concept and the final render resulting from a new brief will incur a second deposit.

    Does the process work with more illustrative styles? Yes and no. A more illustrative is possible, but it is a higher-budget option. Stylistic options require more finessing, more client back and forth to lock in the look and more Photoshop. This would be considered a Delux service requiring a few more work hours. We suggest a Photorealistic style works better for lower-budget options if seeking the basic package .

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