What’s the difference between a Graphic Designer and a Brand Designer?

What is a graphic designer?

Especially in the digital space, a brand designer and graphic designer can be interchangeable. But, when talking about the actual work, the two can be quite different. Graphic design work can range from website, posters, package design, invitations to logos. Generally, graphic designers approach the project with the aesthetic at the forefront.

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What is a brand designer?

On the other hand, brand design often means creating visuals on behalf of a brand. 

The aesthetic is important, but maintaining the brand’s integrity and adhering to the brand experience is more so. 

I’ve worked as both a creative director in my own graphic design business and as a brand designer for some of the leading brands in Australia, such as Renault and MBF insurance.

Graphic design versus brand design

Yes, you can work with a graphic designer and get a beautiful logo. However, more often than not, you end up controlling the direction of the design. So, in this case, you, the business owner, is telling the designer what you want. Then they create something based on those parameters. 

You are the expert in your brand voice, and the designer implements your wishes based on their aesthetic expertise. 

That type of relationship isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if you’re a new business owner and still getting your bearings, hiring a graphic designer for your logo is a great option. The process isn’t as in-depth, but it can be relatively quick and affordable.

On the other hand, by engaging with a brand designer at the start, you get strategic focus before diving into the technical and design phase. 

You sit down with the designer to figure out how best to communicate your businesses brand strategy, plus what it stands for. The brand strategy brings more intention to the look of your brand, guiding the design of your logo, the fonts, the colours and the photography. From a process standpoint, the brand designer will play a more significant role in crafting your brand. Their job is to guide the direction of the brand based on a few key elements. 

Hiring the right brand designer / graphic design for your business

Ask about their experience and what the process is for the work. If you’re looking for branding help, make sure the strategy and research is part of the estimate. Meet with the designer to make sure your personality is a good fit. Clear communication goes a long way in having a great relationship with whomever you decide to bring on.

Excellent brand design leads to bigger things.

A great brand design often leads to larger-scale projects such as websites, books, and social media, so it’s essential to get right from the start.

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