Customised cover letter, resume, CV, references.

CV designs that pop.

A CV or cover letter is the first thing you show an employer about your personality and appeal, so make it count.

Here is an eye-catching introductory page designed for a corporate agency.

Follow up pages would include work history, testimonials and references etc.


What makes a great CV

Firstly, don’t just say how good you are. Prove it.

I learned this piece of advice quite early in my career from a frank conversation with a Sydney recruiter. For example, in my case, if I’m selling myself as a designer, I don’t just have a page full of good work. The pages containing the work are also a piece of design.

In the sample shown above, I tailor the copy and the CV to suit the client/employer for a corporate role reflected in the branding, composition and design. Black and white, simple and legible

Key steps to take your CV to the next level

Start with how much information to include for each page of your CV, and in what order:

  • Photos
  • Branding
  • Colours
  • Infographics,
  • Heading text
  • Information

Use a grammar editor

I run all my text and copy ideas through AI software. Grammarly editor is a cheap and effective way of getting your point across without looking like a dummy.

Grammarly software gives me the extra confidence that my storytelling is grammatically correct and conveys the style of communication I want to portray: formal, engaging, casual, etc.

Work in landscape

The first time your CV is viewed is on a landscape screen. Gone are the days of folded letters. By default, the landscape format is prominent and seen at full size, with everything legible without scrolling.

Break up the content with space and pictures

Pictures and negative space make finding critical information more straightforward and more enjoyable.

Inject your personality

More often than not, personality is as significant as qualifications.


School teacher cover letter resume and cv

Here is an eye-catching introductory page that has been tailored for a classroom teacher position.
Follow pages would include work history, testimonial and reference etc.


Deal of the month. $300

  • 1-hour consult and brainstorming session
  • Photoshoot and retouching
  • Editing and finessing of any supplied content in Adobe suite
  • Infographics and stock images, premium fonts
  • Supply of a landscape pdf

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