Flash animation is on it’s way out after 2020!

So what is the new paradigm shift for animating on the web, and particularly on Google.

Watch this space for the future of animation practices moving forward after 2020.

In the meantime, I recommend reading Google’s recommendations for how and when to animated on your website, summarised here.

  • Choose the right things to animate
  • Use animations to support interactions
  • Use animations as a way to add life to your projects.
  • Animations should be in support of user interaction.
  • Be careful which properties you animate; some are more expensive than others.

One trend emerging in 2020 is the use of gifs.

So how can I incorporate GIFs into my website? Look for content that gives instruction and use a tool like Gyazo to create stunning GIFs that engage users in your site content.

Read more here. Animations – Web Fundamentals

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